The Woodworth Family Adventurers

One of the best things you can do in life is explore new things. You gain new experiences, new ways of thinking, new inspirations and new thrills. Oh, and you get to eat some pretty awesome food!

Our desire is to casually explore, taking our time at each destination and venturing to the next as we please. What we hope to offer you is suggestions and great info about every place we’ve traveled to; an insiders guide you can say. Helping you find interest in destinations that may not have lit the lightbulb previously, as well as exploring the more popular spots and seeing it from our view.

One Day or Day One... You Decide.


Born and bred in Virginia, USA. My main passions are photography, design, and being creative in general. I love living on the adventurous side of life through travel and exploration with my beautiful wife Shay and two little boys. Check out my personal site codywoodworth.com for more about me.


I grew up in South Africa and met my husband while living in the USA for a culinary internship. We quickly realized that we shared the same vision of an adventurous life and the rest is history. I also enjoy reading, illustrating and of course, cooking. Check out our food blog livingchirpy.com for some tasty and healthy recipes!


Our amazing little man who loves the outdoors and a variety of food just like his mama and papa 😛 Born December 2016 and experiencing an adventurous lifestyle that he will never remember. Ha!


Our second amazing little man who is quickly following in his big brothers footsteps. Born December 2018 (almost exactly 2 years apart)  and having a ball!

How do we full time travel?

Thanks to the hard work we have put into our healthy food blog, we are able to live off it’s income. Since it’s online based, we can continue to work from anywhere in the world we desire. Yep, living that digital nomad life. 

If you are interested in healthy delicious recipes, head over to livingchirpy.com and take a gander.