Never use a camera specific bag again!

Well, you can if you want to… But the discovery of the Tenba BYOB 10 made my life so much easier and convenient, and I think it can do the same for most of you! Use this camera case insert for ANY BAG you can fit it in 🙂 See my review below on this wonderful piece of photography gear.

Tired of looking for the perfect camera backpack?

There is no perfect camera backpack, we all know this and we all go through many packs, bags, and gear trying to figure out what works best for us. When I came across the BYOB camera Insert, a realization hit me for the first time, WE DON’T NEED TO USE CAMERA SPECIFIC BACKPACKS! WHHAAAAT 😮 :Mind Blown:

Using these inserts are as easy as loading it up with your camera gear, and dropping it in the main compartment of any backpack that you choose (as long as its large enough). Boom, I just opened up a world of new options for your backpack choices…

Which BYOB Insert do I need?

The BYOB 10 was the perfect size for me and my mirrorless camera systems. It’s large enough for 3 divided sections and tall enough for a 70-200 to be mounted on my Sony a7ii or a6300.  All in all, I can fit one camera, my walk around lens (18-105mm), the 70-200mm OSS or 70-300mm, my 10-20mm wide angle, and a small prime lens along with a few batteries on the side. There are plenty of pockets around the exterior and an additional pocket on the inside flap which are all great to keep everything organized and tidy. Below is a quick rundown of the sizes they have.

  • BYOB 13 (The Largest) – Full Size DSLR with 2 or 3 lenses including an attached 70-200mm and accessories.
  • BYOB 10 – DSLR or mirrorless camera with 2 to 4 lenses including an attached 70-200mm and accessories.
  • BYOB 9 – Mirrorless or compact DSLR with 2 to 3 lenses and accessories
  • BYOB 7 (the Smallest) – Smaller mirrorless camera with 2 or 3 lenses and accessories
  • BYOB Cooler Insert (Bonus Bag!) – Up to six bottles or twelve cans of your thirst quenching choice


Why is this the ultimate camera bag?

Having the choice of any backpack, messenger bag, duffle, etc. is just amazing! Rugged tactical backpacks are my favorite choice because they give options for attaching various items on the sides like tripods or water bottles using the MOLLE web systems. I also like to carry other EDC or every day carry items with me other than camera gear while out for the day. I just pack everything in, insert the camera pack and be on my way. If I want to lighten the load, I leave the backpack at home, in a car, or any secure location, then sling the camera pack around my neck using a strap just like a messenger bag. It’s a versatile system that can’t really be done with any other specific camera bag.

You can even get their collapsible and self-stowing camera bag they call the Packlite. It stores super small, and when you want to ONLY carry the BYOB, just insert it into this lightweight bag and it gives you a strap, a side mesh pocket for a water bottle and a little extra room to stuff some items around the pack.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy using this. The quality and durability is top notch, the versatility and convenience is unmatched, and most importantly, it keeps your gear safe!

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you’ve used this product or others similar, I would love to hear your experiences. (drop a comment below!) 🙂

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