What’s one of life’s most important day to day needs? Staying hydrated – especially when being active like hiking, exploring, or just being out and about. Carrying water with you is a must if you want to stay refreshed, happy, and healthy.

What’s the best way to carry water? 

Water can be carried in a variety of ways, plastic bottles, canteens, Hydration packs, a camels back… but some options are better than others (like with everything else).

I have two favorite methods of carrying water, and I will tell you just what they are 🙂

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles 

This is by far my most favorite way to carry water on a daily basis. I like cold water, especially on hot and active days. Nothing is more refreshing then taking a swig of cold water, even hours after you filled your bottle. Wait, what?? Ice cold water? Hours after filling it? Yep, and it didn’t start out as a solid block of ice either. Double wall insulated canteens are the bees knees! It has impressed me so much how it can retain hot and cold liquids for so long. You can get them in all kinds of sizes too, my favorite size is the 32oz. Its a very standard size and I know that as long as I fill it up twice a day (or more if active), I am getting the amount of water intake I need.

One of the top brands for double insulated canteens or bottle are Hydroflask. They make a great product with a range of sizes and colors, you can also find them at most outdoor stores. This is where I first was introduced to the idea of having refreshing cold water with you at all times. I did not buy a Hydroflask though, after I discovered them I checked Amazon and found some cheaper alternatives all with great reviews! I ordered two Takeya 32oz bottles to try and got them 2 days later, thanks Prime!

I’ve used these bottles for the last 2 years and let me tell you, they do the job more than well! The Takeya bottles have proved to be very durable and haven’t given a single issue or leak.  Both bottles I bought cost less than one Hydroflask in the same size at the time of purchase! I don’t have anything against the Hydroflasks, I know they are a great product, but I definitely enjoy the savings and good deals that Amazon provides.

My Second Favorite Way to Carry Water. 

A lot of people like to use Hydration or “Camel” packs, and there is good reason why. You can fill it up, put it in your backpack, and have easy access to water via the extended tube that follows your shoulder straps down to your chest.

My very favorite Hydration pack is the Geigerrig Hydration Engine. It’s not the average hydration pack. This one has an additional tube and pump that allows you to keep pressure in the water bag. The advantage of this is a nice flow of water through the drinking tube so you don’t have to spend energy siphoning it out. This REALLY helps when you’re exhausted from an extended hike. Another great feature of the pressurized water feature is that you can use it as a hose to spray off your dirty books, allow your dog drink from the stream without mouth contact, or get into a water fight on a hot day!

Other features of the Geigerrig is having options for in-line filters or insulated hoses and bags. It’s also very easy to fill up and clean with its carefully thought out design to fully open the top of the water bag. It’s not the cheapest hydration pack, but for the price, you get a great product with awesome extra features that most of its competitors don’t have.

These are my two top choices for carrying water. Yeah, you can throw a few plastic water bottles in your bag, or maybe a nice Nalgene bottle. But once you experience the luxuries of the two options above, its hard to argue that those are not the most satisfying options.

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