What’s my favorite mini tripod to travel with?

Years ago I bought a smaller version of the Ultrapod on Amazon for a point-and-shoot camera and I really enjoyed using it. After moving over to the Sony A7ii (and now a6300) mirrorless camera, I decided to purchase the Pedco Ultrapod ii which is it’s bigger brother. This little tripod is perfect for when you are wanting to go lightweight while walking, hiking, or traveling. It’s very compact when folded and will fit right in your backpack or bag without any issues.

So how do you use it?

Putting the Ultrapod ii to use is very simple: just unstrap the velcro, fold out the legs, and mount your camera to the top! Then make your fine tuning adjustments with the knob on the side to compose your image how you desire. I found it to be pretty sturdy with my a6300.

Another clever way to use this is to strap it to a tree or pole with the attached velcro strap. This can come in handy when you want to get a little more height by lifting it from the ground. Don’t forget this is also a fantastic accessory for your Gopro’s and actions cams, or even mounting a flash or LED continuous light to illuminate your subject. There are numerous ways to use this little guy if you have a creative mind, and it is a very useful tool to keep in your pack.

A great accessory to complement this tripod is the Wizgear tripod mount for smartphones. I use this combo a lot with my iPhone 7 Plus to take time lapses, timed selfies, or regular videos. It stays attached most of the time, and when I need the Ultrapod for my camera, its a quick few twists and its off.

I would highly recommend checking it out on Amazon, especially since it is affordably priced at under $20. Who knows when it could come in handy for you, and best of all, it’s lightweight and small so it won’t be in your way or weigh you down like a regular sized tripod.

If you have used this Tripod or similar products, I’d love to hear your experience with it in the comment section below!