Ready to experience great food and open scenery?

It is well known that the Panorama Route has not only many beautiful sights to see, but also quite a few decent restaurants thought-out the passing towns. One place in particular that’s a MUST – is Potluck Boskombuis. Just 10 minutes/9km before you reach Moremela (Bourke’s Luck Potholes), if you are driving from Graskop. Just turn off at the Potluck sign and follow the dirt road over the bridge, around a few curves, then turn right and continue until you reach the end.

This restaurant is unlike anything you’ll ever experience! Completely off-grid, no power, all outdoor, with authentic and flavorful food cooked on a wood burning stove. I have never felt more connected to nature than I have while eating a meal here.

The rocky hillsides and the refreshing sound of Treur River flowing right in front of your rustic wood table are an amazing sight.

If you want a truly delightful and genuine dining experience, this gem in the bush will not disappoint. We’ll go back again when ever we pass through the area again, you can count on that!

One note I do want to make note of is the fact that you will need to bring cash (due to the lack of electricity). Though, if you don’t have cash, they are happy to accept an EFT if you’re a South African citizen (once you get service on your phone).

If you do get the chance to stop by this awesome restaurant, let us know your experience with it – we would love to hear!