EDC is a word used a lot in the “Preppers” world which stands for EVERY DAY CARRY. It pretty much explains itself – Items that you carry with you on a daily basis. I am a big fan of being prepared, and this doesn’t just mean for disasters or emergency situations. Im talking about little items that could be used in every day situations or come in handy for various reasons. I have put together a small kit that fits in my pocket and is loaded with almost 40 useful little tools that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Maxpedition Micro in pocket.

Maxpedition Micro in hand.

 What do I keep on me at all times?

Lets start off with how I contain all these little items in my pocket. I have a Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer that is the perfect size for fitting into most pants pockets. They come in other sizes like the Maxpedition Mini, Regular, or Fatty, but they are larger and can only fit it cargo pockets. Below is a list of all the items I currently carry in the Micro.

  1. Medium Zip Tie
  2. Hair Tie
  3. Iphone Lightning Cable – Charge my dead or low battery iPhone.
  4. Bank Line – Strong multipurpose line great for tying, netting, bushcraft, and more.
  5. Encrypted 32gb Micro USB Drive – Keep digital copies of all important documents and info as well as extra storage.
  6. Fisher Space Pen – Writes at any angle, writes under water or wet,  and can handle extreme temps.
  7. Small Zip Ties
  8. Swiss Army Knife – The Huntsman is the most versatile and useful in my opinion, and my favorite!
  9. Lighter – FIRE!!!!! for all your pyro needs.
  10. Gorilla Super Glue – When you really need to stick two things together.
  11. ThruNite Mini Flashlight
  12. Latex Glove
  13. Microfiber Cloth
  14. Guitar Pick – Im a musician, always handy to have one.
  15. Petrolium Jelly – So many uses! Lube for moving mechanical parts, medical, chapped lips, combine with cotton for a fire starter.
  16. Hair pins
  17. Insect Protection Cream
  18. Alcohol Prep Pads – Sanitizing knifes, clean wounds or many other uses.
  19. Medium Bandages
  20. Q-Tips
  21. Hydrocortisone Cream
  22. Cotton Pads – Combine with Petrolium Jelly makes a great fire starter.
  23. Fresnel Lens – Start a fire or magnify.
  24. Small Bandage
  25. Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer – The container of goods.
  26. Twine – Tie things or can be pulled apart and used as a fire starter.
  27. Small Nails
  28. Rubber Band
  29. Eye Screws
  30. Paper Clips
  31. Fishing Line 
  32. Artificial Bait
  33. Safety Pins
  34. Fishing Hooks
  35. Sowing Needles and Thread – When you need to repair a rip.
  36. Snap Swivels
  37. Sinkers
  38. Insect Repelling Wet Wipes – I hate bug bites….

I don’t use all of these items regularly, but I feel it’s a great assortment for many situations and needs and you never know when one of them can come in handy. Also keep in mind that kits like this are never really complete, some things might get taken out while others might get added in. As a whole, I think this is a pretty solid group of supplies to keep on hand at all times.

If you have any suggestion to add to the list, shoot us a comment below!