Have a bite on the train

We are a fan of unique finds and that also includes restaurants. The first thing that jumps out at you when passing Smokey Train is the classic train car as the front of the building. When you walk inside you are presented with a warm and classic interior filled with vintage machines and relics. Booths inside the train car decorated in a classic style. It’s a fun atmosphere to sit back and enjoy a scrumptious burger or steak.

Smokey Train is located right in the heart of Sabie and a great stop if you are looking to satisfy those hunger cravings. I ordered a rib burger with chips and Monkey Gland Sauce. This was the first time trying the common South African Monkey Gland Sauce and I can definitely say that it tastes much better than it sounds! It doesn’t actually contain any monkey related fluids, its just the funky name given for a funky and tasty sauce, ha.

We discovered Smokey Train on a Monday when we were trying to fill our stomachs, but they were unfortunately closed. We ended up eating at The Wild Fig Tree just down the street and it was a great experience as well (See review HERE). Coming back the next day for Smokey Train was our only option to give it a try, and we were happy that we did 🙂