pilgrims rest mpumalanga the stables restaurant

Right in the heart of Pilgrim’s Rest, you’ll find an inviting little building blasting old-timey music. Yep, it’s The Stables – a licensed deli and café. The building is pretty much a converted old stable building that used to house horses for guests of the hotel across the road, and believe me when I say – it oozes charm.

pilgrims rest mpumalanga the stables restaurant interior

As soon as we laid eyes on it, we couldn’t resist stopping for a quick milkshake during our exploration of the town. After perusing the menu, we decided to add a cinnamon pancake to our order – and boy, are we glad we did!

Served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was by far the best cinnamon pancakes we’ve had in years. A warm, soft and fluffly pancake with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar, it was the perfect warm complement to the ice cream and was a very refreshing treat. We also ordered small cookies and cream milkshakes that were absolutely to-die for!

pilgrims rest mpumalanga the stables restaurant food

While Pilgrim’s Rest already feels like you’ve taken a step back in time – sitting outside The Stables under the umbrellas, listening to old music, surrounded by beautiful flowers and having a delicious snack, was one of the highlights of our visit to this quaint little town. We’ll definitely return here when we’re ever in this neck of the woods again!