Can’t decide what to do on a beautiful Saturday morning in Nelspruit?

A great way to spend part of your day is to ride out to one of Nelspruit’s Plant Nurseries. Walk around and enjoy the many different species of flowers, herbs, succulents, and assortment of different native and foreign plans for a fresh and soothing experience.

Below are the top nurseries I recommend taking a stroll through. Not only for their plants, but for the interesting pots and crafts. They even have small restaurants to sit back and enjoy a drink or meal.

Plant Nurseries to visit In Nelspruit

Concrete & Garden Creations

This Nursery is just outside of Nelspruit on the Barberton road. They have a vast variety of pots out front and a healthy selection of plants just behind the store.

There is also an outdoor shaded restaurant to have a bite to eat. Enjoy the relaxing environment with chickens strutting around the nearby paths and trees, and ducks swimming around in the pond to the back.


Fever Tree Nursery at Farm Stall

If you exit Nelspruit on the N4, you’ll find a petrol station after a short drive. Just past that you’ll find The Farm Stall at Halls. There’s a fantastic and lush nursery attached to the right side called Fever Tree, and this is where you want to be!

Just like the other nurseries, they have a relaxing spot to fill your tummy with food or tea. The best part about visiting this nursery is the fresh and local made goodies inside The Farm Stall. Here you will find jams, sauces, nuts, dried fruits and veggies, pastries, and all kinds of other natural, healthy, and local things.


Montana Nursery

Recently renovated and well worth the stop, Montana has just about everything! What sets this nursery apart from the other two is the critters. They have rabbits, chickens, koi and other fish, reptiles, birds and more. We just about walked out of there with a cute little degu on our last visit but decided to do a little more research before making an impulsive buy, haha.

We had a bite to eat and the combination of tasty food, beautiful weather and relaxing scenery was uplifting to the soul. It really does bring out fresh and bright feelings when immersing yourself in such a natural and lively environment.


Enjoy The Day!

Its so hard to say which garden is best because they all have their own features about them. I’d suggest visiting each one and enjoy your time! You might even get some inspiration for your own garden or walk out with a furry little pet :p