The internet is by far the best way to plan your travel via researching destinations, what to do, what to bring, what you need to know, etc. It’s full of information for every aspect of your planning. There are many great resources out there to help you get the most out of your planning, below are a couple very useful options to get started with.

Good ol’ GOOGLE

This is an obvious first choice for anyone who is familiar with a little thing called the internet. The possibilities are pretty much endless with search results. There are countless travel blogs with a vast amount of information about locations around the world and other travel resources. You will also run into bigger sites like Trip Advisor or official destination sites for the specific locations you are searching. These are all viable options for your planning. You are going to find a lot of resources on the web that you will need to save and come back to, for this I recommend reading the second option of the Pinterest section below!

Pin with Pinterest

There are two great ways to use Pinterest for your travel research. The first is searching within Pinterest itself and pinning the interesting stuff to your specific travel boards on your account. The second way is by searching websites and various blogs yourself. When you find a page you want to save, just copy the link and add it to your Pinterest board manually. A great way to speed that process up is adding a pin button to your browser, this makes pinning from external sources a breeze!


Join groups and “like” pages relating to what you are looking for. You will most likely find shared posts that spark your interest. When you do come across one, just pin it to your Pinterest board like mentioned above.

Use Instagram Location Search

We all know Instagram is THE social network to share and view photos about everything from a to z like food, adventures, daily life, travel, and of course, selfies. Instagram has become a great tool to also figure out whats around you or around places you want to visit. Just open up the app, click the search bar and find the PLACES tab to the right. Here you can click “Near Current Location” and choose near by areas to search and see what interesting photos show up. You can also search for specific locations around the world to find things that you never would have come across while on trip advisor or travel blogs.

Once you find some photos you want to save, just tap the banner/flag icon under the picture to the right and save it. You can also hold down the button to create a new folder for much better organization! This is one of my favorite ways to discover interesting places to visit or eat.


Utilizing social media like Instagram and Pinterest with your web searches and even the old school word of mouth methods will yield a much higher chance of seeing everything you want to see on your next trip. You will less likely be kicking yourself in the butt later for discovering missed opportunities!